Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sharing is a two way street

It's funny how those closest to us are the ones who are most likely to hurt us. Even worse is the fact that the pain they cause us is usually greater than the pain we usually experience from being hurt by someone else. There have been many theories explaining why this is the case but there is only one which makes sense to me. And that is, the ones closest to us know us like the back of their hands. They know all our dirty secrets and all our weakness. They know what makes us happy and what makes us sad. In a nutshell, the hold the key to putting a smile on our faces and the key to wiping the same smile off our faces. So then what do we do to make sure this doesn't happen or even if it does happen, that it happens less often. Answer - we keep ourselves to ourselves. Yeah right! Like that will be easy. As humans, burdens are lifted when we share our problems with each other hence the saying: "a problem shared is a problem solved". Or something like that. We can't keep everything bottled up inside. It will eat us up. What we can do is be cautious about who we share these problems. Of course your reaction to that statement will be, "I don't share my problems with just anyone". So then my question to you is, "do you share your problems with someone who shares their problems with you?". If your answer to that is no then you have yourself to blame when your business is out in the public. If your answer to that is yes then you can be rest assured, to some extent, that the person you are sharing your problems with, is less likely to put your business out there in public since you have at your disposal, information about them that the public has no knowledge of. It is a two way street.

Written & Edited by

Kow A. Essuman Esq.
LL.B. Hons (Westminster); PgDip (BPP); LL.M. (Cornell).
Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn); Attorney & Counselor-at-Law (New York).

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