Friday, 13 August 2010

Once Bitten, Never Shy…

Will you stop saying that?” I said to her. But she wouldn’t stop. She repeated herself “Trust me my dear, you will fall in love again. And this time, it will be sweeter than before. You will be in love deeper than the last time.” “And the hurt will be more painful than the one I’m feeling right now” I added.

The words of the great playwright, poet and author, Oscar Wilde, quickly ran through my mind as she spoke those words. According to Oscar, “When love comes to an end, weaklings cry, efficient ones instantly find another love, and the wise have one in reserve.” I have never been a weakling and was not about to join that category of persons. Certainly not wise because I didn’t have one in reserve. And I didn’t want to be efficient.

A saying I had become familiar with in my school days became ever so relevant. I said to her “Once bitten, twice shy”. Clever as she always is, she replied "my dear, when it comes to love that saying changes.” I laughed wondering how she intended to support that argument. But then she continued to explain her position “In love matters, once bitten, NEVER shy”.

It has taken me a while to understand what she meant. The beauty of being in love is the uncertainty of the future; the possibility of being hurt. We’re meant to get hurt when we’re in love. Our hearts will get broken. We’ll be shattered by events that led to the heartbreak and after. But that’s what makes this feeling of love special and different. We just don’t stop there and call it quits. What we need to do is pick ourselves up and be efficient. If you’re wise enough to have one in reserve, the better. Whatever you do, make sure you love again because when it comes to love, “Once Bitten, Never Shy!”