Monday, 19 September 2011

The Media is failing in its Role in National Development

The media as the fourth realm of government has an important role to play in the national development of any country; and especially, the national development of a developing country such as Ghana. It is therefore sad to find the media drowned or concerned or prioritising news items and discussion topics that draw the attention of the ordinary Ghanaian from matters and issues affecting national development. In fact, it is not only sad but extremely shameful and pathetic. One may argue that the media, particularly the privately owned media, are more concerned about making money so therefore, whatever that sells i.e. whatever will get everyone to tune in and listen is what they will be concerned about or prioritise. But really and truly speaking, should that be the case? What happened to the moral obligation to ensure that the citizenry are informed? The media finds itself in a position where it is charged with a duty to encourage national development. I do give credit to some media houses for attempting to make an effort.