Saturday, 20 November 2010

Review of Kwaw Ansah's 'The Good Old Days "The Love of AA"'

I had the opportunity of attending the premiere of the abovementioned movie. It was my mother's birthday and after watching the abovementioned movie, I must say it was the most appropriate birthday present. It reminded her and my father so much of their young school days. The setting of the movie, the clothes worn by the actors, the pen and ink used by the actors. They continued to talk about the movie on the way home in the car.
I wished I grew up in the good old days. I think the experience would have been amazing. Letter writing to express your love, having to dip your pen in the inkbottle after every three letters and blotting the excess ink with a 'blotter' or chalk.
That said I had some expectations. I had heard so much about Kwaw Ansah and his famous movie, Love Brewed in an African Pot, and was expecting a sophisticated, high class movie. The abovementioned movie did not meet my expectation.
The storyline was good but happened so fast. I think there could have been more to this movie than there was. There was a lack of cohesion and fluency. It was unrealistic and artificial. A good example is when Esaaba and AA's parents met. I can bet my last penny that no parent in that situation will act the way they did and as calm as they did.
Lastly, the Abudu and Andani story was absolutely out of place. It is obvious what Kwaw was seeking to achieve but it had no relevance whatsoever to the storyline.
The music at the end written by Kwaw Ansah, dedicated to Mac Tonto and Teddy Osei, sang by Kwabena Kwabena and Dela, was brilliant and keeps playing in my head.
Thank you Kwaw Ansah; you made my mother's night and certainly my night. I look forward to the remaining 23 episodes of The Good Old Days