Thursday, 21 February 2013

The True State Of The Nation Address

Today, the President will deliver what we know as the State of the Nation address. He will try to out-do Barack Obama who delivered a similar address a few weeks ago. Not gonna happen. I anticipate the President's address to be filled with lots of catchy phrases and nice fancy words that you read in famous speeches. Most importantly, the President will paint and a bright picture of the country's economy to attract the rather diminishing foreign investment. But all that will be BULLSHIT (I'm beginning to use this word more frequently) to me and many other Ghanaians simply because that is not the true state of our dear country.

A true state of the nation address should address the Election Petition challenging the President's election. Particularly, should the Petitioners succeed at the Supreme Court, the President will not be available to next year to deliver another State of the Nation address. The leader of the nation could change at anytime from today and that should be addressed.

Friday, 15 February 2013

A Valentine Tragedy

We woke up to sad news on Valentine's Day: "Oscar Pistorius accidentally shot his girlfriend on Valentine's Day". Rumour had it that Oscar thought his girlfriend was an intruder and therefore accidentally shot her. Am I the only one who does not believe this rumour? Here is my version of events and I am not saying any of this because I hate Oscar. I think he is a fine gentleman and an inspiration for many people, both athletes and ordinary folks. I feel deeply for both families affected by this tragedy but we have to face facts and here is how I see the tragedy unfold.

In the early hours of Valentine's Day, Oscar's girlfriend sneaks into Oscar's home and perhaps tries to surprise him on this day of love. Oscar thinks it is an intruder and grabs one of the deadly weapons that are easily available to him and shoots the intruder four times. Bullshit!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Giving Up Love For Lent

Sometimes, or even most times, we take certain decisions which we would rather not take. These decisions tend to affect us and those around us. Some of these decisions are necessary and to some extent, we have control over them. Others, we simply have no choice. One scenario where we have no choice is when the decision is in respect of matters of the heart.

Last night, I took a decision and confirmed it this morning. The decision was to give up someone I am in love with. As my “twin” always says “you love with your heart and not your head so once you fall in love that is it”. I found myself in that situation again recently and instead of learning from my past, I just gave in to my heart. I refuse to believe I did because my head was in it this time. I was a bit more rational but my heart is way too strong.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Politics and Football⚽

They say we should not mix politics with football. But are the two mutually exclusive? Can they ever be? For politics and football have so much in common that it would wrong on anyone's part to ignore the obvious. Football, in my opinion, is a reflection of politics and perhaps vice versa. In politics, there are always two sides - the winner and the loser. Same with football. In politics, supporters passionately support these two sides; just like in football. In politics, there is a referee; again just like in football. I can go on and on but there is no need for that.

So why am I writing this? Well, all is not

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

❤ Loving Me ❤

Truth hurts but when it comes from someone who genuinely loves you, you know it is tough love. I was having a conversation with one of my closest friends. She is more than a best friend. She is my twin. If I was a girl, I would be her. We have been together for so long and seen it all. She knows me and knows how I love.

So you know this conversation was about love. I'm not going to go into the details because I doubt it is necessary at this point. My twin showed me some tough love today and told me some truth about myself. She said "dude you love too easy. Your heart leads the way. You fall in love with your heart and not your head at all."