Friday, 15 February 2013

A Valentine Tragedy

We woke up to sad news on Valentine's Day: "Oscar Pistorius accidentally shot his girlfriend on Valentine's Day". Rumour had it that Oscar thought his girlfriend was an intruder and therefore accidentally shot her. Am I the only one who does not believe this rumour? Here is my version of events and I am not saying any of this because I hate Oscar. I think he is a fine gentleman and an inspiration for many people, both athletes and ordinary folks. I feel deeply for both families affected by this tragedy but we have to face facts and here is how I see the tragedy unfold.

In the early hours of Valentine's Day, Oscar's girlfriend sneaks into Oscar's home and perhaps tries to surprise him on this day of love. Oscar thinks it is an intruder and grabs one of the deadly weapons that are easily available to him and shoots the intruder four times. Bullshit!!!

Apparently, Oscar has a violent temperament and I think he had an argument with his girlfriend and shot her. When he realised what he had done, he called his agent and told his agent he wanted to commit suicide. Or maybe not. His agent told him not to do anything foolish but "this is a minor problem and we can solve it".

Within minutes, the agent calls his contact at the local newspaper, which by the way broke the story first, and briefs him on how the propaganda should be run. The agent then calls all his other contacts in the international media and releases the same story to them. No wonder within seconds, the story was the same across board "Oscar Pistorius shoots his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder".

This propaganda won Oscar a lot of sympathy quickly. Now the agent had to deal with reality so he calls his contacts at the prosecution and tells them to charge Oscar with murder. Note that to successfully prosecute someone for murder, you have to prove that the person had an intention to kill. With a successful "intruder propaganda," Oscar can easily say he did not have the requisite intention to commit murder and is therefore not guilty of murder.

Ah but the agent forgot that Oscar had neighbours and his neighbours are now saying they overheard arguments and fighting prior to the shooting. Slowly the "intruder propaganda" is dying away. I understand he showed up in court this morning and was charged with pre-meditated murder.

A rather sad start to Valentine's Day by all definitions but i doubt Oscar will be locked up.

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